The Best Luxury Brands for Your Bedroom

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Best Luxury Brands for Your Bedroom

Homeowners are very particular about their bedroom furnishings and décor. Considering that most of us spend one-third or more of every day in the bedroom, it makes sense to choose furnishings and bedding carefully. While your primary goal is likely to have a restful night’s sleep, the bedroom can also be a place of solace… Read more »

How Luxury Homes are Incorporating Hotel Lighting Trends

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Lighting Trends

In recent years, boutique hotels have inspired luxury homeowners to infuse their décor with resort-worthy accents – for example, crisp white hotel linens, minimalist color palettes and spa-style bathrooms. Today’s hotels and resorts are also constantly experimenting with lighting options. Practical table lamps and bland towers are being eclipsed by chic chandeliers. The lighting at… Read more »

How to Use Florals in a Modern Luxury Home

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Modern Homes

Natural décor is always in style. Floral prints, on the other hand, were considered passé until recently, when runway designers brought back the blossoms. In 2015, Louis Vuitton and Simon Rocha updated floral prints for the 21st century. The trend of bold, simplified botanicals migrated from runway to table as luxury linens, dinnerware and accessories… Read more »

Choosing the Perfect Wall Color

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choosing wall color

It took decades for luxury homebuyers to go beyond beige. While yellow, avocado, and burnt orange dominated even the most upscale homes throughout the late 1960s and ‘70s, those hues fell out of fashion with flocked wallpaper. Green and ochre were replaced by pleasant neutrals. Beige walls were found in nearly every new home, and… Read more »

Tesla Introduces Redesigned Home Battery Backup

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Home Battery Backup

Tesla Motors is extending its reach beyond the automotive industry. Named one of Forbes magazine’s Most Innovative Companies in 2015, entrepreneur Elon Musk’s green technologies incubator broke into the luxury home power market that same year with a new product: The Tesla Powerwall. It’s basically a battery backup for your electricity, providing your home with… Read more »

Luxury Automakers Speed into Home Décor

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Home Decor

The connection between luxury homes and high-end vehicles has always been strong. As auto enthusiasts browse for high-end homes to house their car collections, mega garages and other automotive accommodations top the list of amenities that buyers expect. For example, former Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney designed an 11,000-square-foot family residence with a bi-level four-car… Read more »

The Future of Indoor Home Entertainment

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Indoor Home Entertainment

At Camelot Homes, we strive to make your luxury home the perfect place to relax year-round. In the fall and winter, residents in our communities can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while grilling steaks in their outdoor kitchens, taking a dip in a sparkling infinity pool or hiking a nearby trail. Come summer, when… Read more »

Four Colorful Spring Garden Ideas

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spring garden ideas

Arizona’s picturesque landscape is ideal for enjoying spring in your luxury Camelot Home. Our homes have extensive outdoor living spaces that are perfect for rest and relaxation. This spring, create an idyllic garden outside your home to reflect your personal style. Choose an array of colors in your design to brighten your day. Here are… Read more »

How Your Landscape Can Survive Arizona Summer Heat

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desert landscaping

Arizona home builders like Camelot Homes can tell you that our state’s summer heat is often treacherous to a home’s landscape. June through August in Phoenix and the surrounding area gives rise to temperatures that average 105-degrees Fahrenheit. But your luxury home can feature stunning landscapes that look gorgeous year-round, even when the temperatures soar…. Read more »

Four Tips for Building a New Home

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new home builders

Everyone has a vision of their dream home. At Camelot Homes, we can help make that dream a reality. We have the distinction of being one of Arizona’s premier new home builders with more than 45 years of experience. Our Camelot Homes professionals help homeowners every step of the way, while always providing excellent customer… Read more »