smart home gadgets

Top Four Smart Home Gadgets

April 28, 2017

As technology continues to advance at lightning speed, smart home gadgets are flooding the market like never before. These devices may appear complex, but are in fact effective in providing simple solutions to everyday problems. Our Camelot Homes team would like to help you find the best smart home gadgets that are perfect for your luxury home and lifestyle.

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kids in a luxury home

Creating the Perfect Children’s Playroom

April 24, 2017

The perfect playroom will inspire and engage your children’s imagination and creativity. It is their special, magical place. At Camelot Homes, we understand that the ideal playroom will effortlessly combine your home’s design aesthetic with the must-haves of your youngest family members.

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garden design ideas

Top Water Features for Your Garden

April 19, 2017

The natural Arizona landscape creates a gorgeous backdrop for your luxury home. But it takes inspired garden design ideas to take your outdoor living space to the next level. At Camelot Homes, we know you want your outdoor living area to be as beautiful as your home’s interior. With the right water features, you can transform any garden to a stunning retreat.

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kitchen organization ideas

Top Four Tips to Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets

April 14, 2017

An organized kitchen is extremely helpful when you are cooking dinner for your family or hosting a dinner party for guests. One of the best ways to organize your kitchen is to maximize your cabinet use and placement. Whether you are looking to remodel your existing kitchen or getting ready to customize a new luxury property with Camelot Homes, the right cabinet organization makes a difference.

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2017 home décor trends

Top Four Home Décor Trends for 2017

April 7, 2017

At Camelot Homes, we believe in staying on top of home décor trends in order to bring you the most beautiful luxury homes that fit your lifestyle and needs. If it’s time to update your luxury home or if you just want to explore fresh new looks, you might want to consider some of these top four home décor trends for 2017.

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Landscaping Trends for Your Luxury Arizona Home

6 Spring Landscaping Trends for Your Luxury Arizona Home

March 31, 2017

Our luxury Camelot Homes are nestled within some of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Scottsdale and Phoenix. And since Arizona residents are fortunate to enjoy outdoor living for most of the year, we want your home’s exterior to look as beautiful as the interior.

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resort-style bathroom

Remodeling Your Bathroom Like a Spa Resort

March 27, 2017

Everyone dreams of having a spa-like bathroom inspired by their favorite luxury hotel or spa. At Camelot Homes, we know how to create a resort-style spa bathroom that is perfect for all your needs and desires.

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contemporary home office designs

5 Contemporary Storage Solutions for Your Home Office

March 22, 2017

At Camelot Homes, we know how important it is to have customized space within your home — from a master en suite retreat to a luxurious guest bedroom and high-tech kitchen. This customization also extends to the home office.

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luxury living room ideas

4 Must-Haves for Creating a Luxury Living Room

March 17, 2017

At Camelot Homes, we understand that the living room is perfect for entertaining guests or unwinding with your family after a long day. Your lifestyle and needs are important to us. That’s why we offer a variety of options when you customize your luxury Camelot Home in one of our beautiful Arizona neighborhoods.

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Organize Your Walk-in Closet

Top Five Tips to Organize Your Walk-in Closet

March 8, 2017

Closet clutter happens in even the largest walk-ins. And sometimes, the larger the closet, the bigger the mess. At Camelot Homes we know you want your walk-in closet to have the same luxurious feel as the rest of your custom home. But this luxury should never be at the expense of functionality.

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Home Automation

How to Add Home Automation

March 3, 2017

At Camelot Homes, we want homeowners to enjoy their luxury home and not get bogged down with daily chores. But in today’s hectic world, this can be challenging. That’s where home automation comes in, which is specifically designed to make your life simpler so you can enjoy the good things in life.

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modern luxury houses

5 Must-Haves in a Modern Luxury Kitchen

February 27, 2017

Modern luxury houses, like those built by Camelot Homes, include innovative technology, high-end finishes and ample space that allow families to thoroughly enjoy the design and amenities of each room. Since the kitchen is the heart of most homes, it goes without saying that certain elements are required for optimal living. Here are five must-haves […]

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prepare your home for summer

How Can I Get My Home Ready for Summer?

February 24, 2017

In Arizona, we may not deal with the aftermath of a bitter winter, but we still have to get ready for the intense summer heat. At Camelot Homes, we understand that summer offers unique challenges to Arizona homeowners. To prepare your luxury home for summer, planning is key. Here are a few things you need […]

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luxury home remodeling ideas

Top 5 Home Remodeling Ideas that Create Space

February 20, 2017

Sometimes after moving into your ideal home, you discover that things can be even more perfect. Maybe you realize that your kitchen needs more counter or storage space, or that your backyard has untapped potential for better comfort and relaxation. Remodeling can be very daunting. But at Camelot Homes, we understand that homeowners’ needs and […]

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how to style your patio

5 Easy Ways to Style Your Patio for Spring

February 13, 2017

When spring begins to bloom, it’s time to redesign your outdoor living spaces to celebrate the season. At Camelot Homes, we specialize in remodeling and designing luxury homes. But even if you are not an expert, creating the perfect spring style for your patio doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are five do-it-yourself ideas to […]

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tips for buying luxury real estate

6 Expert Tips for Buying a Luxury Home

February 8, 2017

Camelot Homes is one of the oldest, family-owned home builders in Arizona. With more than 45 years’ experience building thousands of homes in Arizona’s finest communities, we have established an unparalleled tradition of home building pride and excellence. We enjoy helping homeowners find and create their dream luxury home. Here are six expert tips for […]

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spring decoration for your luxury home

Top 5 Spring Inspired Décor Ideas for Your Luxury Home

February 3, 2017

Spring blossoms with beauty, hope and happiness. At Camelot Homes, we know the perfect spring-inspired décor can brighten any room. From floral inspirations to a change in color palette, spring decoration for your luxury home goes beyond a vase filled with tulips. Our expert designers are innovative and have a flair for class. Here are […]

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Best Time to Build a Custom Home

When is the Best Time to Build a Custom Home?

January 25, 2017

Is there really a “best” time of year to build a new custom home? Not really. The best time depends on many different factors. No two home building projects are exactly alike because every single homeowner is unique. At Camelot Homes, we work to ensure your custom home is built to fit your personal needs […]

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custom home building process

Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Custom Home Builder

January 16, 2017

The custom home building process offers the opportunity to work directly with a designer and building team to create your dream home. Choosing to build a custom home means making several important decisions and asking the right questions. Whether you are an Arizona resident or relocating, Camelot Homes will guide you through the process. Ask […]

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buying a custom home

What You Need to Know When Buying a Custom Home

January 11, 2017

The Valley of the Sun offers spectacular scenery, mild winters and easy access to various amenities from fine dining and shopping to outdoor activities. It is an ideal area for relocation, retirement and to buy your custom dream home. If you have thought about owning a custom home but are not sure where or how […]

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custom home construction process

What is the Best Way to Plan a Kitchen Renovation?

January 6, 2017

The kitchen is the hub of the home where family and friends gather for good cheer and great food. That is why Camelot Homes takes pride in helping homeowners with their kitchen renovation needs. Whether you are giving your kitchen a facelift, complete overhaul or designing one for a new luxury home, planning is key. […]

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