Adding a Home Gym to Your Custom House

Private gym with modern equipment in the homeFitness enthusiasts love being able to work out from home, and designing and building a custom house provides homeowners the unique ability to create the pinnacle of home gyms. Since there will likely be a number of family members who will be using the facility, today’s top designers are now focusing more on overall functionality rather than spending large sums of money on expensive, bulky gym equipment. Because the final design of the space largely depends on the exercise preferences of the family, each home gym will contain a different combination of amenities.

Less is More

With the rise in popularity of CrossFit and other similar exercise programs, the home fitness landscape is changing dramatically. Fitness experts are now designing these spaces with multi-functional weightlifting equipment that includes barbells, bumper plates and squat racks. There should also be ample floor space to perform different calisthenics, yoga, pilates or other routines, depending on the workout preferences of the owners.

The Interior Décor

One of the most important design elements of the home gym is the flooring. A newly emerging trend is an interlocking rubberized flooring system that temporarily lays on top of the existing flooring. These rubberized systems can take the physical punishment from dropped weights and lots of activity while also being highly durable and easy to maintain. Another side benefit is that a rubberized floor provides excellent sound absorption for the remaining rooms in your custom house.

Smart Technology

The most luxurious home gyms today offer technology integration between the different pieces of fitness equipment and mobile phone fitness apps to track progress and exercise routines. While many cardio machines already provide this ability, we are beginning to see these sophisticated tracking mechanisms on weightlifting equipment as well. With smart technology integration, fitness buffs often see faster results while experiencing fewer periods of demotivation.

Part of the appeal of having a luxury home gym in the Valley is that you can design the space to include a breathtaking exterior view of the neighboring Sonoran Desert. Imagine running on a treadmill while gazing into the natural wonder that lies just beyond your own backyard. If the idea of that view gets your heart pumping, contact Camelot Homes today for more ideas on luxurious home gyms.