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Camelot Custom- Verandah at Silverleaf

Bespoke /biˈspoʊk/ is a British word that means a clothing item made to a buyer’s specification; personalized or tailored. While the term historically is applied to men’s tailored clothing, it has recently become part of the American parlance to include footwear and fine jewelry, implying measurement and fitting. For most non-clothing items, the term built to order is used instead, but at Camelot Homes we know that bespoke also applies to homebuilding.

Mark Boisclair Photography, Inc.

The Living Room- Interior Design by Pat Hasbrook Interiors

Originating from Savile Row, a street in London considered the “Golden mile of tailoring,” the word bespoke itself is derived from the verb to bespeak, or ”speak for something.” When our Camelot customers speak to us about what they yearn for in a home, we listen. We know that there is no one with a more clear idea of what they want from a home than the person who will be building a life there. Our homebuyers are the designer and we are the tailor…

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The Kitchen and Dining Area

With more than four decades of experience building the Valley’s finest homes, Camelot Homes now offers our legacy of craftsmanship and attention to detail to our client’s custom home or remodeling project. Whether starting anew or redesigning an existing space, our expert team offers our sophisticated, innovative and award-winning designs to bring our customer’s dreams to life. We make the process simple and worry-free every step of the way, leaving our customers to enjoy their home — brand new or lovingly reimagined.

Mark Boisclair Photography, Inc.

And there is always room for fun…

Like the finest piece of custom-made jewelry, we will deliver a satisfying personalized experience from concept to completion with value that endures long after we hand over the keys.

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