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fine homes often have great home theater designs

Many fine homes in the Valley include an elaborate home theater system filled with plush furnishings and utilizing state-of-the-art audio and visual technology. When designing these interior spaces, Camelot Homes believes that a home theater should offer much more than just a giant screen and a powerful audio system. They should be an artful mixture of architecture, comfort, lighting and acoustics that creates the ultimate entertainment environment.

fine homes often have great home theater designs

Acoustically Transparent Movie Screen

Instead of purchasing a massive flat screen, the more sophisticated homeowner is opting for an acoustically transparent movie screen. These come in a wide range of sizes while allowing the ability to place front-facing speaker systems hidden directly behind the movie screen. With the proper design arrangement, theater guests enjoy the audio effects of a professional sound stage while also appreciating maximum visual impact at the same time. Meanwhile, designers of fine homes use the proper materials to construct the other walls of the room while focusing on just the right amount of sound absorption and reflection.

High-Tech Lighting

For those who are considering a high-tech home theater in the design of their new luxury home, a certain emphasis on proper lighting is essential. No home theater operates in a completely darkened room. Those with the best designs create an almost magical space by including smart-home lighting in specifically targeted areas of the room. The use of multiple tray ceilings with hidden dimmable light features eliminates potentially obstructive glare onto the movie screen. Another current trend is the use of a light projection system, where tiny stars are beamed onto the theater’s ceiling, creating the illusion of watching a movie under the wide open skies of the Sonoran Desert.

Platform Seating

As the leading designer of fine homes in the Valley of the Sun, Camelot Homes designs beautiful home theaters in all shapes and sizes. Some homeowners prefer interior designs that fill the room with comfy couches and chairs, much like the furniture arrangement for a living room. Others favor seating that mimics that of a traditional movie theater. In these cases, where all guests are facing the movie screen directly in front, multi-platform seating helps ensure that everyone in the room enjoys the same level of high-quality viewing experience. By including the proper dim lighting at each platform, guests can also move about the room with optimal safety.

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