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best neighborhoods in PhoenixWhen you’re getting ready to move into your new Camelot home, there is no question you are excited about living in one of the best neighborhoods in Phoenix. But the moving part of moving isn’t always so exciting. With boxes to pack and details to be organized, there can be a lot to do.

At Camelot Homes, we want to help make your moving experience just a little bit easier. With that in mind, we’ve put together a few creative moving tips that will surely lighten your load.

Pack a suitcase with your immediate essentials so you don’t have to hunt for the things you need right way.

Pack clear plastic bins with items you will need first to set up house. This may include sheets, towels, toilet paper, and kitchen necessities.

Clearly mark your boxes with your name, contents, and room location. You may even want to color code with bright duct tape or stickers. Red for the kitchen; blue for bathrooms; green for the master bedroom, etc.

Use plastic sandwich bags for organizing small parts from such things as dismantled TV mounts or curtain rods. Make sure to label the bags with a marker so you can easily put things back together.

Take pictures of your electronic connections before pulling them apart. It will be easier to remember how and where to put the wires back when you reassemble.

Pack glassware in wine boxes from your local grocery or liquor store. The compartments are ideal for protecting your glasses and mugs. Bubble wrap or packing paper can add additional cushion.

Cover the openings to your bottled toiletries with plastic wrap, then replace the tops. You can also use wine boxes to pack these items for extra protection.

Keep your dresser drawers intact, but wrap them in Press ‘n Seal. This will save you from having to unpack and reorganize your socks and t-shirts.

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Welcome to Camelot! As you get settled into your new home, we’re sure you’ll enjoy living in one of the best neighborhoods in Phoenix!