Children’s Bedrooms

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Remember your childhood bedroom? Many of us can remember the hours spent in our room in vivid detail; the colors, textures and perhaps even a theme. Depending on our parents discretion, we may or may not have had much of a choice in what went into it and how it was decorated.


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For most of us, our childhood bedroom was really our first foray into the world of interior design; a reflection of who we really were. Breyer horses on the shelf for a horse crazy little girl, a princess theme for a princess-in-the-making, or perhaps the latest and greatest Disney theme. Whatever it was, we certainly had outgrown it by the time we reached our terrible teens.

Ah those years… the ones where we were feeling a need to express ourselves and relish in being misunderstood. If you were a teenager in the ’70’s you surely remember the posters. Peter Frampton for the girls and Farrah Fawcett for the boys, they seemed to have been standard issue for suburban teenagers

Well now we are the parents (or grandparents) and guess what? It’s our turn to create a children’s bedroom exactly as we see fit. What will it be? Here are a couple of ideas:

And really in the end, if you still want this in your room go for it. It is your house.