Class(y) Rooms: Welcome the Kids Home from School in Style

While children in other parts of the country may just now be heading off to summer camp, kids here in Arizona are facing the cold, hard truth…it’s Back to School time. It may seem early to some, but when the school year ends in mid- to late-May, an early return is inevitable.

Back to School Excitement in Northwest Phoenix
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As we face the fact that Back to School season is indeed in full swing — school supplies and new clothes have been bought, backpacks and lunches are packed, and the tears have come and gone — it’s time to welcome the new school year and embrace the new opportunities it brings.

New friends, new teachers, new experiences at school for the kids, of course. But they don’t get all the fun – parents can embrace new opportunities too! Like newfound quiet at home after a summer of crazy chaos (and the ability to take a deep breath, knowing you don’t have to be at the next practice or camp or activity in 20 minutes).

Once the dust settles, however, you may find yourself missing your little ones when they’re away. This presents an opportunity as well – to create a fun, playful room to welcome them home after school!

A cute toddler room in Scottsdale, Arizona
Photo found on Houzz (Fundi Interiors)

What preschooler wouldn’t want to come home to this adorable room after a hard day of letters and naps? An age-appropriate bed is very space-efficient, leaving room for extra toys and goodies at the foot. And have you ever seen a cuter TV surround? Wow.

A desk and chair with numbered toy bins makes for the perfect combination of fun and function. And don’t forget the mirror on the back of the door to allow for the appropriate amount of primping before heading to school in the morning!

A playful boys’ room at the Verandahs at Silverleaf, Plan 7721, in North Scottsdale.
A playful boys’ room at the Verandahs at Silverleaf, Plan 7721. Photo credit: Mark Boisclair Photography

If your children are a bit older, this is another great example of a bedroom/playroom all-in-one. The kids can do some homework in either the built-in bench area or at the desk separating the two beds, followed by some well-deserved playtime. When they’re done, they can tidy up the space using the adjacent storage bins and shelves, and make a seamless transition to bed before starting all over again tomorrow!

The “science” of great interior design! Experience it for yourself in our 55-22 model home at Bocara in North Scottsdale.
The “science” of great interior design! Experience it for yourself in our 55-22 model home at Bocara in North Scottsdale. Photo credit: Mark Boisclair Photography

Maybe you have a little mad scientist at home, or perhaps a budding, future entomologist (in layman’s terms, that’s a scientist who studies bugs). Either way, this room is perfect! Double lamps join forces with natural light to help their eyesight at homework time, and bright colors on the wall will keep them alert and focused, with their eyes on the (Nobel) prize.

Photo found on Houzz (Hollub Homes, Ken Hayden Photography)
Photo found on Houzz (Hollub Homes, Ken Hayden Photography)

If bugs aren’t the forte of everyone in your household, perhaps this bright, mod look is more appropriate. The overstuffed pink chairs and side tables are perfect for reading, homework, or hanging out with friends. And the pink lampshade gives an unexpected punch of color overhead. Notice the white cloud storage hanging on the wall? Perfect for stowing trinkets, stuffed animals, books…you name it!

We hope you’ve enjoyed some of these fun rooms for kids. If you’re looking for even more ways to “wow” them after school, how about through their stomachs? Everyone loves an after-school snack, so click here for a list of 50 snack ideas compiled by Food Network to help tide them over until the dinner bell rings!


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