Buying your home the way you want it has never been easier. Let us walk you through the steps to designing your new home. From making and confirming your selections to your final walk through and follow up, we’re with you all the way.

step 1

Make Your Selections

Once you purchase your Camelot home, you begin the process of personalizing it. The amount and type of selections and decisions to be made depends on how far along in the construction process your home is. If you are purchasing a home that has yet to begin construction, you can do a great deal of customizing and our skilled professionals will help you every step of the way. You will be selecting floor covering, cabinets, countertops, sinks, appliances, interior doors, hardware, fireplaces, electrical options and more. If your home is partially constructed you may still have an opportunity to select some items depending on the stage of completion of the home. Please see your sales associate to determine what selections you will be able to make.

step 2

Visit Your Design Studio

You will make an appointment to visit our exclusive design studio where you will begin the process of personlizing your home by selecting many of its interior finishes. A professional designer will help you coordinate your choices. Depending on the community in which you are buying, you may also have the opportunity to visit with a custom cabinet company, an appliance supplier, lighting contractor and/or technology consultants. In order to give you the most complete home selections possible, we have also teamed with highly experienced quality contractors to assist you in designing your pool and landscaping. When using these contractors you can include the cost of those items in your mortgage and because of our ongoing relationship with them, often their work can begin during the construction of your home. Please refer to your sales person for a list of approved pool and landscape contractors in your community and their terms.

step 3

Confirm Your Selections

Once your selections are complete and all paperwork is signed, a start order is prepared in our office. Prior to starting construction on your home you will meet with your sales associate and site manager to go over the start order to make sure everything you selected has been included. This is called the Pre-start Orientation. Once the start order is approved we purchase the building permit and construction of your new home can begin.

step 4


During the construction of your home you will have additional opportunities to formally meet with your site manager. One opportunity occurs prior to the installation of the drywall. This is called the frame walk-through. This meeting is designed to ensure once again that the home is being constructed as specified on your start order. Prior to completion you will have another opportunity to meet and inspect your home with your site manager. This is called your pre-closing walk-through. At this time you will note any adjustments needed to complete your home. Finally, prior to moving in, you will have a Homeowner Orientation. This meeting is designed to familiarize you with the operation and maintenance of your new home.

step 5


At last you are left to move in and enjoy your beautiful new Camelot home! But that is not where our commitment ends! Between 30 and 90 days after you move in, we will meet with you again to address any issues that you may not have noticed at the pre-closing. At 11 months we will inspect your home and touch up any necessary warranty items.

As you can see, our relationship with you is going to last a long time. For this reason we will do everything in our power to make that relationship strong. From beginning to end, we at Camelot are committed to making your home buying experience as fun, exciting and stress-free as possible. That’s what buying a Camelot home is all about!