Connecting To Our Buyer In The New Millennium- PCBC 2014

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Well the 2014 Pacific Coast Builders Conference is a wrap and this year, as always, we came away with a renewed sense of excitement for what is to come. As Arizona’s premier luxury homebuilder, we are forever looking for new product innovations to stay ahead of the status quo, but PCBC is about much more than just product innovation. It is also about connecting with the industry’s greatest creative minds in all fields, from marketing and finance to technology and as with anything else, it is about giving back. This year at PCBC, Camelot Homes’ Managing Director Julie Hancock was asked to share about how it is that we connect to our home buyer on a personal, emotional and even spiritual level.

PCBC with Julie Hancock, Maria Meeuwisse and Tasha Jones
Sparks Conference

Julie Hancock, Maria Meeuwisse and Tasha Jones

As anyone who has ever been asked to speak in front of an audience will attest, it can be incredibly nerve wracking, especially when speaking in front of people whom you look up to in the industry. Julie stated that her goal was to say something that was fresh, relevant and insightful while simply speaking from the heart and from a place of truth so people would connect; which is exactly the point she wanted to convey about what we try to do with our homes. In addition, Julie noted that to be speaking at a convention that has predominatley male attendees and to be on a panel that had three females speakers was a terrific achievement.  We need more women in the industry, and especially women as creative and inspirational as Maria Meeuwisse and Tasha Jones. said Julie.


A triumvirate of thought leadership for the new millennium.

The forum, titled ‘Changing The Way We Sell,’ was really about so much more than sales, it was about how we are selling. Speaking alongside Maria Meeuwisse, Marketing Director of PIRCH and Tasha Jones, Director of Marketing for Forest City Stapleton, and Brent Harrington of DMB Developers, Julie was in the company of three other extraordinary thought-leaders in the world of home innovation, community development and technology and was honored to have been asked to speak and share her experience. With that honor, comes a responsibility to lead in a direction which is insightful for the present needs of today’s home buyer while at the same time remaining mindful of a family’s evolving needs. Implementing architectural ideas like detached quarters which can be used for an aging parent or a “boomerang” millennial or even more timely ideas like electrical outlets in the garages for green technology.

At Camelot Homes we understand that buying a new home is one of the biggest life decisions a family will ever make and there are many factors that go into a family’s purchasing decision. We look upon our endeavor as a sort of bespoke home building, the art of tailoring the homes we build for the Camelot home buyers’ specific needs and values.  Hopefully we conveyed this message to the audience; judging by the feedback we received, we think we hit the mark.

Pacific Coast Builders Conference
Julie and Mark Hancock

Julie and Mark Hancock share a private moment before the presentation.

Kudos to PCBC and a big thank you to moderator Brent Herrington for putting together such an esteemed panel of inspiring women. The future of home building is looking very bright!