Create a Cozy Valentine’s Day Escape Right in Your Luxury Home

2.10 valentines

Whether you’re newlyweds or you’ve been married for decades, Valentine’s Day is something to celebrate. Take advantage of the amenities in your luxury home to create a romantic ambiance as you indulge in a special meal with your significant other. From the decor to the food and all of the extra romantic details, the evening will be worth the effort.

The Ambiance

With Camelot Homes, your luxury home is already designed with all of the high-end amenities you need to create a special evening; all you need are some finishing touches. Fill every room with candles and fresh flowers, and use your central sound system to play soft jazz to set a backdrop. Start a fire in the fireplace, and set a pile of toss pillows in front of it so the two of you have a special place to cuddle.

The Meal

There are no rules about what constitutes a romantic meal. You can go the traditional route and serve oysters, lobster and filet mignon on your best china, or you can keep it casual and serve whatever meal the two of you prefer. Try a tapas-style dinner by serving several different plates of small bites that you can feed to each other, or call out to your favorite five-star restaurant for gourmet takeout. Nobody needs to know. As long as you’ve opened the champagne and set the right ambiance in your luxury home, the dinner will be special.

After Dinner

A fruit and cheese platter with a paired wine is ideal for an after-dinner dip in the hot tub. Chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne are also favorites on Valentine’s Day, and they’re sure to set the right mood. Dessert can also be as simple as a glass of cognac or sweet liqueur and a box of chocolates or as complex as a chocolate souffle.

Your luxury home is filled with all of the kitchen amenities you need to prepare a special dinner, and its other home perks can help you set the mood. All you need is to take care of a few simple details to create that romantic evening that you’ll both remember forever.