Creating Your Dream Closet | Luxury Homes for Sale

2.1 closets

As the leading designer and builder of luxury homes in Arizona, Camelot Homes specializes in the construction of the perfect dream home to fit your precise specifications. One of the most requested amenities of today’s luxury homeowner is the inclusion of a master closet fit for a movie star. Instead of the conventional walk-in closet, homeowners are now seeking entire rooms with rotating storage shelves, impressive built-in cabinetry and perhaps even a plush seating area.

Vintage Design Concepts with a Modern Flair

Combining luxury with nostalgia creates a classic design aesthetic that is so very rare among master closets of today’s luxury homeowner. When designing these one-of-a-kind spaces, consider a vintage rolling ladder system like those found in the libraries of European royalty. Although we usually associate rolling ladders with centuries-old libraries in mansions and academic institutions, these systems can also be a terrific solution for generating more storage space as well. When used against a backdrop of luxurious built-in cabinetry, the new master closet takes on a look of style and sophistication.

Consider Motorized Rotating Shelves

When many future homeowners begin reviewing the older luxury homes for sale in the Scottsdale area, the available listings are often severely lacking in closet and storage space. Meanwhile, many people choosing to design and build their perfect dream home also want to limit overall square footage to a certain degree. With today’s available technology, motorized storage solutions help to maximize storage space. Shelving options that electronically rotate with the push of a button or by remote control can include rotating storage for shoes, ties, dresses and suits. We can design and build a master closet that would make even James Bond green with envy.

Today’s innovative closet design is all about getting the most for your money. Camelot Homes specializes in the design and construction of luxury homes for sale in Scottsdale, Arizona, and surrounding communities. As one of Arizona’s top new home builders, our team of architectural designers and project managers is anxious to give you a master closet fit of the stars.