Custom Designed Homes | Decor for Your Teenage Daughter

custom designed homes

As girls turn into teenagers, they love how custom designed homes let them express themselves with updated bedrooms. A teenage girl’s bedroom should reflect her personality and provide places for keeping mementoes of her childhood in harmony with more sophisticated colors and art.

Rather than just a place to sleep, most teenage girls think of their bedrooms as their personal sanctuary.  In custom designed homes, there are plenty of opportunities to turn a bedroom into the perfect hangout with separate areas for sleep, study, and entertaining friends. Let your imagination run wild and  find unique and creative décor elements that highlight your daughter’s individuality.custom designed homes

While you may prefer muted colors that promote a restful feeling, don’t be surprised if your teenage daughter wants vibrant colors that mirror her high-energy lifestyle. Add sophistication to her room by choosing colors and patterns from the latest trends in design. To meet in the middle, you can always choose subtle colors on the walls and accent with brightly colored bedding, pillows, and decorative pieces.

As the focal point in any bedroom, your teenager’s bed will undoubtedly take center stage. There are so many creative options to adorn her bed with stylish and fanciful decor. For instance, you can use curtains hanging from the ceiling to surround the bed to give her a secluded hideaway. A modern or classic-style four poster bed with curtains can also give your girl the privacy she craves at this age.

Storage is always an important issue for teens. Built-in bookshelves with open spaces to display favorite books, photos of your teen with her friends, and room-coordinating decor are ideal. Plenty of closed cabinets can provide storage options to help keep her room clutter-free, and a study area with room to spread out will allow for work space when science fair projects are due the next day.

When we help clients plan their custom designed homes, we work diligently to make sure each member of the family has a space that they will enjoy for years to come. If you have a teenage daughter with her own unique sense of style, contact us at Camelot Homes. We can offer a variety of inspirational ideas to make her bedroom one she’ll always remember.