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custom luxury homesOne of the best things about moving to Arizona is discovering all of the amazing Southwestern Cuisine that graces the local food culture. With influences from Tex-Mex, New Mexican and Native American cooking, your culinary world will expand with amazing (and spicy) new recipes! With so many amazing regional delicacies, gourmet kitchens in custom luxury homes can open up a whole new world for your taste buds.

What better way to utilize your new gourmet kitchen than to try out some new Southwestern Cuisine?

An ingredient that shows up frequently in Southwestern Cuisine is green chile pepper. A good green chile can be a highlight of any Southwestern recipe. The green chile has its origins in New Mexican cooking and is typically made from the Hatch chile. If you like spicy, you’ll want to make sure your gourmet kitchen is stocked with this key ingredient.

Another Southwestern staple, which finds its roots in Native American Cuisine, is frybread. The toppings can be either savory or sweet and recipes vary by region. In Arizona, frybread is typically topped with various types of meats and smothered in red or green sauce, paying homage to the New Mexican influences of the region as well.

A third Southwestern favorite that finds its roots in Tex-Mex cuisine is one that is well-known everywhere: fajitas. This sizzling dish includes various meat options including chicken and steak, as well as sautéed vegetables, such as onions and bell peppers. Usually served with warm flour tortillas, fajitas are a popular dish found at local Mexican restaurants, but they can easily be made and enjoyed at home.

Custom luxury homes provide the perfect opportunity to design and build a dream kitchen that any amateur or professional chef would die for. A unique kitchen tool like a tortilla warmer or kitchen must-haves like a large gas range and tons of prep space can encourage even the most novice cook to try new things.

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