Custom Spaces In Home Floor Plans

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One of the great things about building a brand new luxury residence with Camelot Homes is the ability to design custom home floor plans or personalize our plans with special rooms and interior spaces that uniquely complement your lifestyle. A home gym or surround-sound movie room are always good choices, but why not consider adding an artist’s studio, a writer’s loft or perhaps a craft room as well? Camelot Homes specializes in the design, remodel and construction of luxury homes in Scottsdale, Arizona, and the surrounding area. We can design and build a luxury home to your exact specifications.

The Writer’s Loft

Imagine a room filled with warm natural light, comfortable furnishings and an inspiring view of the surrounding Sonoran Desert. By including a quiet and inviting writer’s loft in the design of your new luxury home, you’ll always have a relaxing getaway to create that next novel, write daily journal entries or simply meditate and read. Writer’s lofts can include designs overlooking living spaces for easy access to younger children, or they can be tucked away into unused attic spaces with tall, vaulted ceilings adorned with beautiful skylights.

The Craft Room

A craft room is a favorite addition to custom home floor plans because they work well for both men and women. While women tend to call their artistic creations “crafts,” men often refer to them as “projects.” Either way, having a specific room set aside to keep everything intact until the creative process is complete is always a welcome addition to any luxury home design.

The Home Gym

While the neighbors are heading off to the local gym clear across town, many homeowners prefer working out in the comfort of their own homes. Instead of attending fitness classes in dark, musty health clubs, why not perform the exercises of your choice in front of a massive picture window overlooking your perfectly manicure backyard? Home gyms make it easier to watch the kids, listen for the phone or even conduct business while running on the treadmill.

custom home gym

The team at Camelot Homes is always anxious to design custom home floor plans or customize our plans to perfectly match the lifestyle of each and every homeowner. We are full of interesting ideas that will make your new luxury home truly unique.