Decorating Unique Homes

unique homes

unique homesCamelot Homes is known for creating distinctively unique homes with floorplans that lend themselves to distinctive home decor. So, when it comes to adding your personal touch to your own Camelot Home, you will have a beautiful canvas that’s primed for expression of your own personality and lifestyle.

But, for many, interior decorating isn’t a simple endeavor. Sure, it’s easy to know what you like when you see it, but it’s not always easy to start from scratch. Fortunately, you have some options.

Inspirationally Yours

First, you have the inspiration offered inside our beautifully appointed model homes. Our Camelot Homes models have been impeccably decorated to show the potential for creating personal style in unique homes.

Next, we have members of our Design Team who, when working with you on interior choices such as flooring and cabinetry, can provide savvy insight into home decor. They are naturals at combining both the traditional and trendy to create a classically eclectic look.

Hiring a Professional

And there is always the option of hiring an interior designer. By hiring a professional, you can not only save enormous amounts of time, money, and frustration, you can also get the benefit of an expert eye who can help you make choices you’ll love. Right down to the throw pillows on your sofa.

If you have conflicting style opinions in your household, an interior designer can often find ways to marry different tastes to create a compatible look that satisfies everyone. Besides, having a third party involved can add perspective to design differences and help you come up with a mutually agreeable resolution.

For unique homes with specially designed nooks and spaces, an interior designer has the professional connections to design, construct, and upholster any type of furniture to the exact specifications that the room requires. Designers can also find ways to incorporate a family heirloom or a unique piece of furniture into unique homes in ways that you may not have considered.

Best for you Budget

Working with an interior designer comes with other perks, as well. For one, they rarely pay retail prices. They can often get a discount on nearly everything from wallpaper to wainscoting and bedsheets to barstools. This, of course, depends on the choices you make and if the designer has an established relationship with particular vendors. But, no matter what, interior designers can save you money that you might have spent if you decided to go it alone.

For more information about creating unique homes with a sense of flair and panache, contact us at Camelot Homes. We are in the business of bringing style, comfort, and beauty to your everyday world…in a very non-everyday way.