Desert Landscaping | Luxury Real Estate

For new homeowners of luxury real estate in the Southwest, landscaping the property can be rather overwhelming. Choosing the proper plants, trees and shrubbery is already a challenge, but we also have to select options that will both survive and thrive in this harsh desert climate. As a leading designer of luxury custom homes in Scottsdale, Arizona, and the surrounding area, Camelot Homes regularly works with highly reputable landscape architects to create the most impressive outdoor living spaces.

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Native Plants

Professional landscapers in Arizona always recommend incorporating native plants into the landscape design. Agave, penstemon and mesquite are well-adapted species that also provide a bit of a regional flair. Meanwhile, Mediterranean plantings like germander, rosemary and thyme add a splash of greenery while also providing some rather pleasant aromatic benefits to outdoor living spaces at the same time.

Ground Covers

Many homeowners of luxury real estate in Arizona very quickly realize that the traditional grassy yards found in the more northern areas of the country are not the ideal choice of ground cover for their new desert home. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your yard must remain only dirt and rocks. Ground covers can include a wide variety of annuals, perennials, succulents, vines and low-growing trees and shrubs. Ground-hugging plants also reduce heat reflectivity onto the home while helping to keep energy costs to a minimum.

Stucco, Stone and other Finishes

Stucco and stone materials perfectly reflect the natural beauty of the Sonoran Desert and the southwestern United States. For luxury homes with very spacious yards of perhaps several acres, including walkways of flagstone or other pavers can add some much-needed texture to an otherwise sparse landscape. Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces made of stucco and stone are also interesting features that add depth and structure to the landscaping, especially when constructed adjacent to swimming pool decks and other outdoor living spaces.

And thanks to advancements in television technology, we can even help you decide on the perfect outdoor plasma screen that is resistant to water, heat and humidity.

When you consider Arizona landscaping, the team from Camelot Homes helps homeowners with creative design concepts for luxury real estate that truly complement the architectural style of your new home.