Design Thinking- How The Great Ones Do It


Have you ever wondered about the artistic process behind interior design for high-end, luxury homes? We have as well, so we set out to learn the tricks of the trade from the team at Design Line Interiors. This award-winning group of top interior designers, is currently involved with our project at Camelot Reserve and busy putting the “wow” factor into our model homes. What goes on behind the scenes? Here’s what we learned:


The first thing you’ll notice when you walk into the beautiful offices of Design Line Interiors, are the trophy cases filled with hundreds of awards for outstanding achievements in the world of interior design. Located in downtown Del Mar, California, the Design Line studio and offices are housed in one of the quiet seaside town’s beautiful old buildings. Upon entering you feel an almost palpable creative buzz and after meeting the team of Dawn Davidson’s seriously talented interior designers you understand why.


The team; Ericka Moody, Theresa Granados, Carree Anderson and Tracy Nelson have been working together for many years under the guidance of Design Line’s founder and Principal Designer, Dawn Davidson. It is a remarkable feat to have a team of creative talent symbiotically working together for nearly fifteen years, all the while keeping it fresh and current. When asked how it is that they do it, the answer is multi faceted; a combination of deferring to the person who’s speciality or niche the idea may be, a likemindedness on how to achieve the desired goal and with each person building on the original idea.


Currently working on the interior design of our models at Camelot Reserve in Scottsdale, Arizona, their extraordinary methods of making a home beautiful also uncover any potentially “unfurnishable” areas. That is to say for instance, if the positioning of a window needs to be tweaked in order for a wall to be useful for furniture or art, it is learned in the design phase of the model or premier home.


In addition to focusing on the functionality of a home, Design Line’s creative team has an unmatched eye for beauty. The women at Design Line have brilliantly honed the technique of creating homes that people walk away from remembering something specific. Always months ahead in the latest color and design trends, they know how to use them in just the right balance. Never to overwhelm, while always using a “pop” of the latest color (it’s Emerald Green for 2013, btw). Without ever repeating an idea, their signature style is best described as eclectic, with the emphasis always on natural versus man made.

Just hearing the enthusiasm with which this collaboration of talent talk about leather honed, black quartzite (the trend of the moment in high end luxury countertops) gives the listener an idea of their passion for what they do. Referring to lighting as “the jewelry” of the home and the many ways in which glamour can be added, these designers deliver an adept illustration of how a house can go from ordinary to extraordinary; the buying trips, looking for design inspiration in all their travels and their innate love and appreciation for what they do. Like watching anyone who is at the top of their game, it truly is something to behold.


If you would like to see for yourself, please stop by for a tour of our Camelot Reserve models in late February. You will walk away saying, “WOW!”

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