Design Trends for Your Luxurious House

luxurious house

luxurious houseFor a truly luxurious house that will make your friends green with envy, choosing a color palette that flows from room to room is often a difficult part of the design process. Many of your choices may depend on the architectural style of the home, while others may be just personal preferences. Here are some of the current color trends in interior design in the Valley.

Shades of Gray

Shades of gray are now overtaking the once popular beige colors, like eggshell and ecru. From a deep charcoal or hematite gray to softer shades paired with blue or green textures, gray is making a huge comeback this year. Homeowners can also choose metallic and pearlescent accents to add a touch of extra flair and individuality.


It has been said that white is the presence of all colors. We like white because it is fresh, clean and can be paired with all colors. From shades that range from earthy linen to glistening snow, white on white on white creates a sophisticated elegance throughout your home. Teamed with your favorite accent colors, white can also serve as a backdrop for subtle changes that reflect the hues of each season.

Lighter Browns

While chocolate brown is still a very popular color, many designers are opting for lighter shades this year. Think of cinnamon, mocha and khaki colors as creative alternates. For rooms with hardwood flooring of deeper, richer tones, these softer shades keep the room from looking too dark and gloomy.

Lavenders and Purples

These colors can add a level of serenity to any room. When mixing lavenders and purples with grays, blues or greens, the result can be quite amazing. If deeper, richer hues of purple are not your taste, consider softer lilacs, violets or wine colors for your luxurious house.

When designing and building a new luxurious house, it is important to work with a team of professionals who can help you coordinate the proper color selections with the many architectural features, flooring choices and built-in cabinetry options of the property. Instead of hiring an expensive interior designer, our team from Camelot Homes offers an in-house Design Studio with myriad samples and swatches to make designing your new home a pleasure.

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