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Scottsdale luxury homes“To develop in taste, quality, and personality one is obliged to respect the past, accept the present, and look with enthusiasm toward the future,” noted the late Eleanor Stockstrom McMillen Brown, an interior design pioneer.

At Camelot Homes, this philosophy encapsulates our custom luxury home building aesthetic. Our innovative designs juxtapose quality craftsmanship with forward-thinking architectural development.

Bocara: A Unique Living Experience

Developed in the fall of 2015, Bocara is an award-winning community, situated in the heart of North Scottsdale. A private, gated community, Bocara is ideally located to allow easy access to golf courses, retail shops, restaurants and other amenities. The homes are spacious (between 3,100 and 4,100 square feet), semi-customizable and finely crafted.

“The floor plans at Bocara are stunning. When you walk in, you are struck by the vast open space. It is breathtaking,” explains Trent Hancock, sales associate for Camelot Homes. “At Camelot Homes, we don’t believe in making cookie-cutter homes. We offer three different elevations for each floor plan, and they all look different. No two floor plans are the same within a minimum three-home space.”

But the luxurious and diverse floor plans aren’t the only thing that makes Bocara exclusive.

“What is also unique about Bocara is the way the community was designed,” Hancock elaborates. “None of the homes back up to one another. In fact, every house backs up to a wash, so you are not looking right into your neighbor’s backyard. There is also considerable distance between you and your neighbors. This is ideal for families and for privacy.”

“Also, since it is a gated community, there is no traffic,” adds Hancock. “And all the vast space in front of the community off Scottsdale Road is designated open space, so nothing will be built there. This makes it a very serene and peaceful community.”

Bocara also has many other appealing features, including an organic community garden. Julie’s Garden allows Bocara residents to spend quality time together and enjoy the health benefits of gardening and organically grown produce. The garden is also conveniently located near a park, which is perfect for children.

Only One Lot Left!

If you are intrigued by Bocara, you are in good company; 49 of the 50 Bocara homes have already been sold. We encourage anyone interested to act quickly. The remaining lot is one of the community’s largest.

“Everyone who bought a home at Bocara was extremely satisfied with the personalized service and care we provided. We have a fabulous community, a great neighborhood and happy residents,” Hancock concludes. “It’s every home owner’s dream.”

Without a doubt, Bocara is luxury living at its finest. Discover your dream Scottsdale luxury home and visit Bocara before the last lot is sold. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.