Dream Home Plans | Bringing the Indoors Outside

dream home plans

dream home plans

When designing dream home plans, our architects at Camelot Homes have carefully considered both the beauty and functionality of our floorplans. One of the most striking features of our designs is the use of outdoor space.

Outdoor living is an important component of luxury homes in the Valley. Our climate affords the opportunity to relish in 300+ days of sunshine and blue skies each year. It is for this reason that we have intentionally crafted homes that bring indoor comfort to the serenity of the glorious outdoors. As a Camelot Homes home buyer, your own dream home plans can include several options for opening up your living space to achieve a desirable indoor/outdoor appeal.

Courtyard and Atrium Patios

Entryway courtyards and inclusive atriums provide tranquil places to unwind in a private setting. Courtyards and atriums can contain a variety of elements including fireplaces, gardens, and sitting areas that are perfect for personal quiet time or a social gathering with friends. Imagine filling the area with a handcrafted dining set and strings of white patio lights to set the mood for your next dinner party. Or consider an arrangement of cozy chairs surrounding a firepit with the trickle of an old world fountain lulling you into complete relaxation.

Backyard Patios

Backyard patios allow you to link interior spaces such as a kitchen or family room with the airiness of an expansive yard. Covered patios with comfortable furniture provide a virtually year-round entertaining space. For example, you can incorporate an outdoor kitchen into a patio design. Refrigerators, ovens, barbeques, fire pits, and wet bars are only a few of the amenities you may want to include in your own dream home plans. As an extension of your living space, you may find the line between indoor and outdoor living becomes blurred with the seamless flow the house to the backyard.

However you envision your dream home plans, a visit to our Camelot Homes communities should be part of your blueprint. At Camelot Homes, we believe that bringing the inside to the outdoors is just part of what makes our homes so inviting. We would love to show you how your idea of a luxury home can become your reality.

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