Real Estate for Sale | Why We Love Realtors

Here at Camelot Homes, we understand that Realtors want to find the perfect piece of real estate for sale for their clients. Home buyers have specific requirements, and it isn’t always easy to satisfy them all.  They want a home in a safe and thriving neighborhood with beautifully manicured landscapes. They want to be close to excellent schools and convenient shopping. And, of course, they want quality construction and exquisite details that make a house a for sale

Locating an existing home that meets this laundry list of characteristics can sometimes be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. That’s why savvy Realtors know the benefits of designing and building a custom luxury property. They also know that building the home of your dreams is far less stressful and always more fulfilling than renovating an existing piece of real estate with an unknown structural history.

Having the opportunity to work with many Realtors and their clients, here are some other reasons why we think this relationship is a win-win situation.

  • Infinite Choices:  Realtors know that choosing to build instead of buy offers their clients an almost unlimited number of choices. They can choose from beautifully designed floorplans and work with our design experts to make choices to customize their new home.
  • Technological Advances:  More and more home buyers want smart home technology in their new residences. But much of the existing real estate for sale is lacking in this area. By building a newly constructed custom home, a Realtor’s clients can benefit from the very latest advancements, such as modern climate control systems, from the onset.
  • New Home Warranty: We also love working with Realtors because they know the value of buying a luxury property that also comes with a New Home Warranty from Camelot Homes. Our warranty ensures that finishing touches are all in place and in excellent working order.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: When Realtors introduce their clients to Camelot Homes, they do so because they know their clients will be getting a quality home. We don’t turn over the keys until the new luxury property meets proper standards, from floor joists to ceiling beams and everything in between. We’re not happy until our clients are.

Like Camelot Homes, Realtors want to make their clients happy by finding them the home of their dreams. By designing and building top-tier luxury properties, client satisfaction is guaranteed. For more information on custom home design and real estate for sale in Scottsdale and the surrounding areas, contact Camelot Homes today.