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Exclusive Properties

Exclusive PropertiesWorking out at home can be a necessity when you have a busy lifestyle. Fortunately, for homeowners who live in exclusive properties built by Camelot Homes, there are plenty of options to build a home gym so you can work out whenever you like. So, where do you begin? If you’re committed to living a healthy lifestyle, dedicating a room in your home solely for working out is a great option.

At Camelot Homes, we build exclusive properties that have plenty of room for your home gym. Many of our floorplans offer spaces that are perfect for setting up your exercise equipment. That’s the easy part.

The next thing to consider is what you actually want to include in your home gym. When it comes down to buying your exercise equipment, we recommend a little self-reflection. In your life, which fitness routines have worked well for you? For cardio exercise, treadmills, elliptical machines, rowing machines and stationary bikes are always reliable options. If there are specific machines that you’ve enjoyed using at the gym in the past, it can be a great idea to purchase and install these in your home.

If you’re new to working out at home, it might also be a good idea to purchase simpler equipment that exercises the body in the same way to see how committed you are to using your home gym. For example, maybe hold off on the full Bowflex system and instead purchase a simple set of free weights and a bench. You can always expand from here when your home gym has become a daily part of your life.

Something else to consider is that many people thrive in a social environment and need that aspect of a “regular” gym to keep them accountable to working out regularly. If this is you, then perhaps you should only stock your home gym with supplemental equipment for those days when you just can’t make it to your regular workout location.

A final mention: One thing that every home gym needs is a full length mirror. These aren’t in gyms just to keep people motivated. They serve to help people perfect technique and avoid injury. Safety should always be a top priority.

At Camelot Homes, we are dedicated to thinking of every detail needed in creating the perfect place to call home. Contact us today for more information on our exclusive properties. We’d love to work out the details of building a home for you.