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Exclusive Real Estate | Re-Imagining Your Kitchen

As a custom builder of exclusive real estate in the Valley, our designers often work with homeowners to update or remodel their kitchens. The first step in the process, of course, is to decide how you want your newly modernized kitchen to look after the remodel.  The question we like to ask clients is: How might you “re-imagine” your kitchen?

High-Tech Appliances

There’s no argument that the kitchen is probably the busiest room in the house. But as the years go by, the needs of the homeowners often tend to change. As the kids grow up and head off to college, Mom and Dad might want to update the kitchen with some high tech gadgetry to make their lives just a little bit easier. One popular trend in exclusive real estate this year is for a state-of-the-art, built-in coffee center. Not only will you be able to enjoy a steaming cup of coffee, espresso, or cappuccino, but you also save some valuable counter space.

Quartz Counters

Granite countertops are still very popular, but in 2014 the trend shifted to quartz as a countertop alternative. Quartz is quite resilient as it has a high resistance to chips, burns, and scratches. These countertops come in nearly any style imaginable, and look very similar to granite. One added plus to quartz counters is that they don’t require regular re-sealing to prevent stains.

New Refrigeration Ideas

Options for refrigeration are beyond creative these days. There are many choices available that can make your kitchen more family-friendly and functional. Under-the-counter wine coolers, for example, can be a nice touch. Or, there are also smaller refrigeration units specifically designed to store juice boxes for instant access by smaller children. For families that like to spend quality time sitting around the center kitchen island, why not include a pull-out refrigerated drawer system for storing fresh veggies and fruits? Healthy snacks can always be readily available!

Other considerations

Because the kitchen sees so much activity, it also tends to show its age far earlier than the rest of the home. Maybe you prefer hardwood floors over your kitchen’s current terrazzo tile. Or perhaps you would like to update the cabinetry from dark cherry wood to a light gray or white finish, both of which are big trends this year.

At Camelot Homes, we not only build high-end, exclusive real estate homes, we can also update any or all rooms in your current home. For more design and/or remodel ideas, contact Camelot Homes today.