Fine Homes | Hot Air Ballooning

fine homesCamelot Homes has had the privilege of building fine homes in Arizona for more than 45 years. We know that part of the luxury living experience is enjoying not only your home amenities but the exciting things to do and see in the Valley.

Soaring Above Phoenix

The perfect way to enjoy the unbelievable beauty of the Arizona landscape is from the air. During a hot air balloon excursion, you can have the opportunity to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the gorgeous desert landscape dotted with pristine lakes and various plant and animal life. You may even catch a glimpse of the fine homes in your own neighborhood.

Celebrating Special Occasions

A hot air balloon ride is the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion. Schedule a ride to celebrate a milestone birthday, your anniversary or to create an idyllic atmosphere for a marriage proposal. Some of our local hot air balloon companies offer special occasion packages to help make your hot air balloon adventure even more unique and memorable. A hot air balloon ride can also be the perfect way to welcome a new neighbor to the community or show off our beautiful region to a visiting business associate.

Hot Air Balloon Ride Facts

In our area, there are several different hot air balloon companies that offer rides for local residents and visitors. Each company has its own set of specific ride information and regulations, but in general this is what you need to know:

  • Most rides average about an hour (longer rides may be available)
  • Children may ride, but often must meet a specific age requirement
  • Wear casual, comfortable clothes
  • Arrive on time for your scheduled flight

After your day soaring high in the hot air balloon, nothing is better than coming back to your luxury home and relaxing by the pool or enjoying a meal on the patio. At Camelot Homes, we can help make that happen. Talk to us today about our fine homes and how they can fit your needs.