Five Ways To Create An Alluring Bedroom Space

Warm colored walls and a chandelier add a touch of romance to The Haciendas, by Camelot Homes

This year, Valentine’s Day will fall merely hours short of the full moon- a very auspicious occasion on a day designed for romance… Just two days before Valentine’s Day, most couples who intend to celebrate have already made their dinner reservation, or have a romantic plan in place. But what if you could stay home and have it be every bit as magical as a night out? At Camelot Homes we have always embraced (pardon the playful pun…) the idea of romantic architecture. Our goal has always been to deliver an extraordinary living experience to our homeowners and in doing so, building homes that you don’t want to leave if you’re looking for a night of romance…


A fireplace in the master bedroom is a terrific option for a chilly February night



The Master Suite at The Haciendas at DC Ranch

If alluring bedroom design is something that interests you, it really is quite simple to transform your bedroom into an intimate living space with just a few simple changes.

  • Painted Walls- Painting your walls a darker color provides warmth and ambiance.
  • Lighting- Romantic lighting is important for setting a gentle mood which tells you the day is over. A chandelier or low-watt lamp light and a few lit candles will soften the mood in any room.
  • Accessories- There are plenty of things you can do to create a quick-transition romantic bedroom; flowers, candles and sultry accents such as a faux fur rug or throw and pretty pillows will do the trick.
  • Sound- Music can calm and soothe, or inspire excitement. Whether you have a built-in sound system, an iPod deck or a water feature just outside your bedroom door, soothing sounds can take your mind off what’s going on elsewhere in the house.
  • Furniture- The bed isn’t the only piece of furniture essential for a well-appointed bedroom. An interestingly shaped ottoman, chaise lounge or chair grouping can also be a relaxing way to settle in for the night. Add a champagne bucket with two glasses and, voila! Romance is yours…


So enjoy the bright Phoenix moon, some candlight and the one you love. Happy Valentine’s day from Camelot Homes!