Goodbye Gentle Winter

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Desert Rainstorm photo credit Julie Hancock

Whether you are a creationist or an evolutionist; whether you believe in climate change as an absolute truth or a left wing conspiracy, the fact of the matter is we never really have much of a winter here in Arizona. Therefore it should come as no surprise that 15 big league baseball teams chose the Phoenix metropolitan area for spring training, (making up the Cactus League) or why it is that so many people have chosen the stunning desert city of Scottsdale as their winter retreat and home-away-from-home.

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For Arizona residents it’s not uncommon to see our local weatherman talking about the rain, while standing outside without an umbrella or even a rain hat. Being a TV meteorologist in Phoenix is a bit like being a florist in Antarctica; except for the occasional haboob, there really isn’t much to do. However, spring has arrived here in all her glory, if not on the calendar then certainly all around us. The hillsides are bursting with the color of wildflowers on a bright green backdrop and the orange trees are filling the air with fragrance.

It’s time to re-create that which no longer works for us. We put away the dark winter candles, launder the throws and open all the windows. At Camelot Homes we love our outdoor living spaces, and what better time to put them to good use?


Feeling springtime inside the home can be as simple as filling a vase with daffodils. We lighten up everything; lighter meals replace the warming comfort foods that sustained us during the colder months, and the streets invite us out for a morning walk. The gardens will be filled with bright ideas that come from the earth and the treetops sing like an aviary. What could be better?

At Camelot we are very proud to call Arizona our home. Sending rays of sunshine out to you wherever you may be!