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Camelot Homes is in the business of designing and building dream homes in the Valley’s exclusive communities. For homeowners of these luxurious properties, a spacious and well-equipped gourmet kitchen is a must. The kitchen is the very heart of the home. It is the most trafficked room of the house where kids often do their homework and parents discuss the events of the day. It is also the room that visiting family and friends will most likely find the most relaxing and inviting. When designing the ultimate gourmet kitchen, it is important to start with the basics.

Gourmet kitchens with Camelot Homes

Gourmet Kitchen Appliances

Before we even begin to design the layout of the room, it is usually a good idea to select the gourmet kitchen appliances first. Do you want dual built-in ovens with a countertop gas stove and grill? Or perhaps you prefer an industrial sized oven and stove combination made of stainless steel? For gourmet bakers, an electric convection oven is probably an essential design element, too. There are all sorts of innovative gourmet kitchen appliances on the market today, including warming drawers, wine refrigerators, and even professional grade walk-in coolers. When building dream homes with gourmet kitchens, always start by choosing the appliances first.

Gourmet Kitchen Storage

Homeowners should always include ample storage space in the design of a gourmet kitchen. The kitchen cabinetry should be well-designed to include a wide variety of storage options, including strategically placed drawers near the stove and oven for cooking utensils. And since a kitchen island is a likely feature of the overall design, many homeowners choose to include larger storage areas for kids’ school books and other materials in the island design to keep the area free from clutter. And of course, having a roomy kitchen pantry that is easily accessible from within the standard work area of the kitchen will only improve functionality and efficiency.

After choosing the kitchen appliances and designing the storage solutions, next comes the fun part -choosing finishes, textures, lighting and countertops. Camelot Homes is in the business of designing and building dream homes, and that includes a beautifully designed but fully functional gourmet kitchen with each of our luxury properties.