Grand Garages | Custom Home Design

When choosing to build a luxury home, many people fail to take full advantage of the many benefits of custom home design in regards to their garage space. We often view the home’s garage as just another storage area where we park our cars. What if you started looking at the garage as an extension of your living space instead?

grand garages are a constant in luxury phoenix homes

The Basketball Court Garage

Luxury homeowners in the Valley with active teenagers know the importance of giving them enough personal space.  Rather than sending them to the home movie theater to watch movies or spend endless hours playing video games, send them to the garage instead. A new trend developing in the more exclusive neighborhoods in the United States is a luxury car garage with floors that double for a full-size basketball court. With baskets on either end of the garage, the floors are even made of real wood with all the painted lines of a traditional basketball court included.

The Man Cave Garage

The Man Cave Garage is an idea anyone can appreciate—male or female. By using the same elements of custom home design for the garage, Camelot Homes can create a space that is a combination of car storage and entertainment room. On one side of the garage, we can include a conversation area with all of the latest tech gadgets. We can even include a fully stocked bar, complete with storage coolers for beer and wine. And if the “man of the house” likes to tinker around under the engines of his car collection, we can even include such  enviable features as a secretly submerged hydraulic lift located under the garage floor.

As the leader in custom home design for the Valley, Camelot Homes creates homes that reflect your personal style. Our design process even includes ways to make the garage part of the indoor living space.