Thanksgiving is a time for us all to focus on what we are grateful for (unless you are a guy, then it’s all about focusing on football!). For the rest of us, we take this one special day to join together with our families to appreciate the things that bind us together.


Thanksgiving is more about cooking and eating and less about buying things, which is why it  is one of my favorite holidays. And although bringing together the family at my house can sometimes be a recipe for disaster, we generally put our best foot forward while plopping that fancy turkey on the table.

I love cooking the feast, because it is one of the few times that my kids and grandkids spend time with me, one on one in the kitchen helping me bake pies and prepare the meal. Generally I make one of them dice the onions (my least favorite job) using this as an excuse to shed a few tears while laughing and reminiscing together.

This year I have decided to pass out a small gratitude journal to each guest and to ask them to share a few things they are most grateful for. It’s so easy to recall the tough things we have been through in any given year, but not so easy to recall the many small and simple things that fill our days with joy.

For me it can be as simple as seeing a baby smile, or my dog basking in the sun.

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The smell of saddle soap and the barn, the miracle of watching a flower bloom in my garden or walking in the light of a full moon. I love owls and hawks and the view from an airplane window. I love seeing my youngest son dance, my oldest son sing and my daughter do triathlons. I am grateful to have witnessed first hand the birth of my three beautiful grandsons, and I look forward to seeing them grow up to be whatever it is that calls their spirits.

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I am most grateful to have loved the same man for over 33 years and to see with pride the many ways in which he shows his love for his family. Finally, I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to spend my life doing something I love with people I love being with. My friends, family and co-workers make each day a joy to wake up and face the challenges of the day.
So, if you get a chance…go to our Facebook wall at and post something you are grateful for…just a word or two with no other explanation just to let me know you read this and thought (if only for a moment) about the many things big and small in your life that really matter. Cheers to you and yours from all of us at Camelot Homes!

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