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For designers and builders of modern custom homes in Scottsdale, Arizona, and the surrounding areas, having the latest in smart home technology is always a high priority. Thanks to its rapid rise in popularity in recent years, we can now control our thermostats, room lighting and even our crock pot all from a single electronic device. But smart home technology is still in its infancy. The coming years will provide even more advanced gizmos and gadgets that will make our lives even easier than we ever thought possible.

The 4K TV

It seems like only yesterday that homeowners were replacing their antiquated flat screens for HD televisions. Today, we need to make room for the new ultra-high-definition 4K TV. The 4K refers to a picture quality that contains four times as many pixels than the standard variety, or approximately 40,000 pixels across the width of the screen. They range in size and price, but most have at least a 55-inch screen and a price tag starting from around $1,500. The 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector by Sony costs a cool $50,000 and projects a 4K image onto any wall of the home.

Dolby Atmos Audio Systems

2015 was a remarkable year for Dolby Atmos products, and consumer demand is only going to continue to grow. For designers and builders of modern custom homes, Samsung is introducing the first Dolby Atmos-capable soundbar “package.” It’s called the HW-K950, and it comes with a slim soundbar, two Dolby Atmos-enabled wireless speakers and a compact-sized wireless subwoofer. The HW-K950 is the perfect choice for homeowners who want optimum sound quality in smaller spaces.

Smart Showerheads

Residents in the exclusive communities neighboring the Sonoran Desert know the importance of water conservation. Not only is the practice very eco-friendly, properly managing our water consumption can easily save hundreds (or thousands) of dollars every year. The new smart showerhead by Hydrao teaches the homeowner how to save water by an innovative LED lighting system that notifies the occupant instantly of excess usage. The Hydrao is also Bluetooth-friendly, allowing the homeowner to modify the colored lighting and change threshold levels through the convenience of a smartphone.

As the leading designer of modern custom homes in the Valley, Camelot Homes is always up-to-date on the latest smart home technology. We work with the leading manufacturers in the country to provide the most futuristic technology imaginable, based on the needs of each homeowner.