Imagining Your Perfect “She Shed” | Custom House

Man caves have been popular since the 1950s when men worked while women took care of their sprawling suburban homes. The world has changed drastically since then, and today’s modern women crave their own place to relax, unwind and recharge. That’s where She Sheds come into play. Whether you’re building a brand-new custom house or you have a little extra space in your backyard, you can add one of these compact casitas to your property so that you have a place to call your very own.

Make It Your Own

Whether you’re using Camelot Homes to build a custom house or you’re moving into one of our existing communities, we can create the ideal “She Shed” to meet your exact specifications. A She Shed that’s attached to the house offers a bit more convenience, but a detached unit will give you the privacy that you may crave. You’ll have a lot of other details to work out, such as whether you’d like it  to have its own unique look or simply match your home, and whether you’ll add a kitchenette, running water, a bathroom, or other amenities.

custom house with a  she shed

It’s All in the Decor

Once your She Shed is built, it’s time to turn it into an idyllic retreat. Think about the experience you crave the most—a place to work or be creative, a comforting spot for a well-deserved afternoon nap or a space to show off your favorite collections. Keep the furniture to a minimum if you’re looking for a space to do your morning yoga, or choose a comfy sofa and sleek wine cabinet if you’d prefer a spot to get together with your besties.

Why spend time driving to a spa when you can add a massage table and make your very own spa at home? The best part about a She Shed is that there are no rules. You can turn it into whatever you want it to be. Leave the men to their Man Caves and show them how it’s really done with your beautiful backyard She Shed.