It Takes A Village

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What does it take to continue to maintain, and even grow a business for over 4 decades? Well in the business of being a premier builder of luxury homes it takes a village. At Camelot Homes we take great pride in our ongoing long-term company relationships; from the craftsmen and trade partners that we do business with in the field, all the way through to the team in our home office, we are a family.


We recently said “goodbye for now” to one of our Camelot family members due to her relocating, and were deeply touched when we received this letter from her. We have asked her permission to share it with our readers:

From Rena Bergman-

I journal. I have since I was 10 years old. I wrote about this latest chapter of my life a few days ago and I’ve decided to share part of it with you. I described you all: If I write a screenplay you’ll all be my stars!

Mark Hancock– A fearless leader, a visionary, a perfectionist with a huge heart. Competitive and a WINNER.

Julie Hancock – The glue that keeps the company together. Sharp. Savvy. Businesswoman who somehow manages to be both fun and extremely productive at the same time. Lover of life & family. PROGRESSIVE.

Cammie Hancock-Beckert PARTNER. Stronger and more ready than she knows. A great Mom. Focused. A Rising Star.

Mike BrekkeTALENT, Humor, Laughter, Jokes, a great teacher who taught me the art of BS as well as the art of homebuilding.

Tom KirkThe Money Man. Meticulous. Tireless. WILLING to Listen.

Russ Dolman STEADY.  Calm.  Organized. Ultimate professional.  A gentleman.

Lois Jaucian– Contract Bulldog that has my back. Fact checker. Re-checker. Dedicated. LOYAL.

If I could take away even one trait from each of you I would be a most lucky woman.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to work with you these past 7 years and for teaching me so much – I certainly know where to refer any Prescott clients moving to the Phoenix area.  Anyone looking for a custom will hear from me who to speak with also!  For now I am remaining as that ‘Camelot Lady’.

See ya soon!

Julie Hancock’s response to Rena was as follows:

From Mark’s and my journal:

Rena: KIND. In short, positive, professional, loving, dynamic, classy, dedicated, ultimate team player, generous, spirited, IRREPLACEABLE!

You will be deeply missed even though I know our paths will cross many times in the future. Camelot will always love our Camelot Lady!

Rena will be deeply missed by all of us…