Julie’s Garden In Our Bocara Community


BocaraBocara is a Camelot Homes community that was built for discerning home buyers. Located in the heart of North Scottsdale, Bocara was designed to provide a special experience for our residents. With Bocara, you have that small neighborhood feel amid the luxury of impeccably crafted home designs. When visiting Bocara, you’ll find an intimate gated community of only 50 homes surrounded by the natural desert beauty of the area. A mix of architectural elevations ensures that every home has an individual look while still maintaining a charming and cohesive neighborhood appeal.

Julie’s Garden Contributes to Creating a Unique Lifestyle

Another unique feature of Bocara is the inclusion of Julie’s Garden, an organic community garden for Bocara residents. Adjacent to our conveniently located park, Julie’s Garden is a place where neighbors can come together to enjoy the health benefits of gardening and organically grown fresh produce.

Benefits of Gardening

The American Horticultural Therapy Association promotes the healing benefits of gardening, which include increased physical activity that can burn calories and help to reduce stress. In addition, a gardener’s diet tends to include the healthier food that they grow themselves. For children who help to garden, they get an appreciation for where food comes from that often translates into healthier eating habits for life.

The American Community Gardening Association has found that community gardening improves the participants’ quality of life. People from different walks of life and generations come to understand one another better as they work toward a common goal. The plants themselves help to improve air quality and, especially important in the desert, a community garden helps to conserve water.

Our Vision for Julie’s Garden

To us, Julie’s Garden is more than a collection of cultural and health benefits. Our vision for Julie’s Garden is that it will provide a vehicle for people in the neighborhood to build strong relationships and showcase Camelot’s efforts in creating neighborhoods that stand the test of time.

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