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lux Real EstateLiving in a Camelot Home affords you all the benefits and comfort that lux real estate has to offer. However, if you have a tendency toward clutter, the pleasures of living in a beautifully appointed home can be greatly impacted. Fortunately, Camelot Homes are designed with multiple features to help you keep your home organized and clutter-free. Built-in bookshelves and unique storage options contribute to keeping your home neat and tidy.

For those who may need some additional help to stay clutter-free, here are a few tips to keep your home looking beautiful:

Have a Dedicated Space for Clutter

Realistically, most of us collect clutter from time to time. Piles of mail on the kitchen counter, stacks of paperwork on the office desk, and shoes that are forgotten near the front door are all good examples. Are there solutions to counter this pile up?

One of the surest ways you can stop clutter from taking over your home is to limit it to a designated area. Have a junk drawer or cabinet where you can stash all of the accumulated stuff that you need to keep around. The key is to make sure that the space is small. A junk room is far too big.

Purge Regularly

To stay clutter-free, it’s also vital to purge your life and home of unnecessary items on a regular basis. It can even be cathartic! When de-cluttering, it’s a great idea to schedule your purges with the seasons, at a time when you’re able to be a bit more objective of what was useful for the past season. Plus it gives you a chance to neatly put away and store those seasonal items that you won’t be using for a while

Let Technology Help

A large amount of our excess “stuff” comes from the need to keep proper records of all the different aspects of our lives. From medical records to finances, there’s no shortage of important documents that we all need to keep track of. But at the same time, we no longer have to keep track of it on paper –  go paperless and keep your records electronically!

At Camelot Homes, we love helping people realize their dream of living in a lux real estate home. Building homes with features that keep things organized and beautiful is just part of what we offer our Camelot residents. Contact us today to learn more about how you can enjoy the lux real estate life of Camelot Homes living.