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luxuruious housesThere are many ways that you can add class and sophistication to your home’s décor. While all luxurious houses are unique, they all have one thing in common: a cohesive decorating scheme that carries throughout the home. Whether you use an interior designer or choose to decorate yourself, there are certain guidelines that can help in the decorating process.

The first step to creating the ambiance of the luxurious houses that we all admire is to create a plan. Having an idea of what you want before you start the process can help keep you on track when you begin seeking out items to adorn your home.

Every good interior designer will first create a project plan and then begin shopping for items that fit into that design plan. When creating your plan, choose a color palette and carry it consistently throughout your home. This decision can get you well on your way to creating a cohesive flow from room to room.

Although you want to make each room unique, using a unifying color palette will create that pulled-together look you desire. When talking about a cohesive color palette, this is not only referring to paint colors. This also means picking out furniture, accessories and other home décor that will blend seamlessly into your design plan.

A great way to get some ideas when starting your home decorating process is to stop by the luxurious houses at one of our Camelot Homes communities. At each of our locations you will find designs from experienced interior designers that are sure to inspire.

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