Luxury Homes for Sale | Things to Consider

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luxury homes for saleBefore purchasing one of the luxury homes for sale in the Valley, why not consider designing and building the perfect dream home from the ground up? One of the many wonderful benefits is the ability to select the precise location and plot of land on which to build your new custom-built home. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when purchasing land while avoiding any surprises down the road.

Ask about the setback lines.

Many homeowners are unaware that each piece of property has very specific setback lines which determine the smaller area on which you can build structures. For example, the setback lines between two different lots may be 10 feet on either side, resulting in 20 feet of minimum distance between the two related residences. There are also similar setback lines on the front and back of the property. Knowing these limitations in advance helps you design the home, swimming pool and all exterior patios and decks so that they fall within this pre-defined area.

Ask about utilities access.

You never have to worry about utilities when you purchase one of the luxury homes for sale in the area, but owners of design-build homes will need to take the cost of connecting to these services into consideration. If you choose a lot that is already located in a residential neighborhood, the utility lines might already be running underneath the street pavement. However, this luxury may not be readily available when building a custom home in a more remote location. Ask about costs and access regarding:

  • Water
  • Sewer
  • Electricity
  • Gas/Propane
  • Phone/Internet

Picture the neighborhood in 5-10 years.

Take a look around the neighborhood. Are there several lots for sale? If this is the case, then you may have a more difficult time imagining how the community will look in the future. For homeowners who purchase a plot of land in a more remote location, check out the zoning requirements of the adjacent pieces of land.

As you get ready to purchase one of the luxury homes for sale in the Scottsdale area and beyond, contact Camelot Homes. We’ll not only design and build the home of your dreams, we’ll also help you select the perfect lot.