Luxury Housing | School Ready

luxury housingWhether you’ve spent your summer in the comfort of your luxury housing or traveling the globe on vacation, it’s time once again to pick up the pencil and books. On August 8th, students in the Scottsdale Unified School District will be headed back to school. Are you prepared for your child’s first day of classes?

Plugging In

Getting ready for school starts with knowing the basics. Whether you’re wondering about curriculum, athletics, bus routes or anything in between, SUSD has created an in-depth online resource here that will likely answer many of your questions about the upcoming school year. Or, if you have a question that is specific to your child’s classroom, there’s a chance you can find your answers online as well by signing into ParentVUE.

Keeping Organized

Luxury housing makes many aspects of our lives easier. But it won’t help get the math homework done. However, there are a few steps you can take around the house to make sure that life during the school year runs smoothly.

  • Create a Central Calendar. With all the flurry of various children at various activities at various times, having one place to keep track of schedules can make a huge difference. Creating a central calendar that is accessible to everyone is key. You can hang it near the kitchen or in a mudroom where everyone can see it as they head out for the day.
  • Beat the Morning Rush. Most of us can relate to the frenzy of trying to get out the door in the morning. Getting everyone dressed, fed, and ready to catch a ride to school can be a bit hectic. Planning ahead the night before can ease the chaos of the morning routine. For example, choose clothing and set out the breakfast dishes the night before.  You can also install a storage system to keep backpacks, musical instruments, and signed permission slips readily at hand..
  • Designate a Study Space. Be sure each child has a quiet study space that is well stocked with needed supplies. It is ideal to use the space for studying only. Video games and watching TV can happen elsewhere. Having a designated workspace creates good study habits and makes it easier to slip into homework mode as soon as they sit down.

At Camelot Homes, we design homes to meet the lifestyle of busy families. Whether you’re looking for more room for your family’s back-to-school needs or just a relaxing place to enjoy your coffee after the kids have gone off to school, Camelot Homes can build luxury housing that is perfect for you.