Luxury Real Estate Market | Selling Your Home

Whether upsizing or downsizing, the luxury real estate market is alive and well here in the Valley. At Camelot Homes, we are always glad to be a part of your next step in life when building your next home.

For some, buying a new home comes with the sale of a current home. While you have had many great memories there, it’s time to let someone else create their own. Finding that perfect buyer can be a challenge. But, if you consider the following tips, selling your current property can potentially go faster so you can move into your new Camelot Home sooner.

luxury real estate market

Choose the Right Realtor

Once you announce that you are selling your home, you’ll very soon be flooded with offers to be your real estate agent. Certainly, there are many successful Realtors out there. But, you will want to find someone with a proven track record in the luxury real estate market who can emphasize the positive points of your home. You will also want an agent who understands the community and can draw in viable home buyers. Needless to say, choosing the right Realtor is often the most important determining factor for selling a home quickly.

Rent a Storage Unit

Every reputable Realtor asks their clients to de-clutter their homes. Prospective buyers need to be able to imagine your home filled with their own personal belongings rather than yours. The problem is, where are you going to put everything? Our advice is to rent a storage unit on a month-to-month basis to store personal items, expensive antiques, and other items that tend to clutter the home. If you rent a large enough unit, you can also begin packing up the other household items gradually over time, such as small kitchen appliances, dishes, and children’s toys. This will help to make your final move that much easier.

Consider Professional Staging

If you worry about your high-end furniture being damaged by prospective buyers, consider storing your furniture and hiring a professional home staging company to fill your home with more neutral furnishings. Especially for homes with teenagers, staging bedrooms is often a great idea. If you want to sell your home faster, depersonalize the space by taking down those posters of favorite athletes and rock stars. And, make sure that clothes land in the laundry hamper and not on the floor.

If you have made the decision to sell, but are still looking for the perfect place for your next home, we invite you to explore our beautiful Camelot Homes communities. With almost 50 years’ experience building homes and neighborhoods in the luxury real estate market, our family owned business understands your needs for your family. Contact us today, and let us share the Camelot experience with you.