Pet Friendly Custom Homes In AZ

custom homes in AZ

custom homes in AZCustom homes in AZ can have something for every member of the family, including your pets.  At Camelot Homes, we understand how important your pets are to you. We love our pets, too. Here are some ideas to help you create a pet friendly home.

Spas for Paws

Some pet lovers who build custom homes in AZ have been known to create an entire room for their dogs. Actually, it’s often a converted utility room, but it has all the creature comforts a dog could want. This may include a space for a luxury pet bed as well as a specially designed area for your pampered pooch’s tennis balls and squeaky toys.

Keeping your dog clean is a priority for homeowners who also want to keep their homes clean. Installing a grooming “salon”, including a raised open tub with an extendable shower head, makes for the perfect puppy spa experience.

Create a Pet Feeding Station

It’s difficult to see your new home’s kitchen getting marked up by flying dog food bowls and the drool that typically accompanies a bowl careening across the floor. Camelot custom homes in AZ have the perfect solution. We can build in a feeding station to hold water and food bowls at a height that is just right for your pet to enjoy his meals in comfort and style.

A Room with a Mew

Litter boxes are an absolute necessity if you have feline friends who live indoors. But you don’t need to settle for the standard litter box setup. Consider a built-in cabinet with a “kitty door” to store the litter box. Include a large door that you can use to access the area for cleaning. Your cat will appreciate the discretion…and so will you.

If you are considering how your new house can accommodate every member of your family–including your beloved four-legged members–Camelot Homes can help make your pets feel right at home. We’re experts at creating custom homes in AZ that are people and pet friendly. Contact Camelot Homes today to discuss how we can help you design the perfect space for everyone in your family.