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Pet-Friendly Home Design – It’s a Thing!

If you have pets and/or have an ear to the ground for the latest design trends, you may already be aware of one of the hottest new trends in homebuilding – pet-friendly home design. Yes, you read that correctly – a mudroom for the dogs. To some, this may seem a bit extreme or excessive, but if you’re like the majority of Americans today who consider their pets to be part of the family, this new trend could be as high a priority as that over-sized kitchen island or the modern home theater room.

A functional dog-washing space. Image found on Houzz (

One of the key features of a mudroom for dogs is the dog-washing station. The station above is a great example of all-in-one convenience. It’s relatively low-profile, tucked in between the back door and otherwise functional cabinet and countertop space. Another plus is the fact that it’s elevated, which makes it easier on the dog’s human when leaning over for extended periods of time. The pull-out hose is a must for ease of use, and the opening on the left with pull-out stairs makes for easy entrance/exit for the pooch.

Wood-grain porcelain tiles make for easy clean-up. Image found on Houzz (Peter A. Sellar, Architectural Photographer)

Another important feature when creating a pet-friendly space in your home is flooring. This room may be all about function, but that doesn’t mean you need to stick with a cement floor that can be hosed down every hour. Depending on the amount of wet weather or general outdoor activity your dog will enjoy, it’s probably best to avoid installing carpet in these areas. As shown in the photo above, wood-grain porcelain planks can be incorporated as a design element that adds both beauty and function to the room.

Beautiful blue tile adds a pop of color to this crisp white room. Image found on Houzz (Addison Hill Photography)

Here in the Arizona desert, we don’t necessarily have the need for dedicated “mudrooms” by definition, but that doesn’t mean we can’t incorporate some of the same functional features into other spaces in the home. If you don’t have a mudroom, a laundry room is a great place to start. In the photo above, an elevated dog wash station adds a soft touch of color to a clean and simple laundry room area.

Versatility at its finest – bath time, nap time, laundry time. Photo found on Houzz (Artistic Renovations of Ohio, LLC)

In the space above, the washer and dryer share the room with a fully-equipped, tiled dog-wash station, as well as a cozy respite off to the side for your newly-clean dog to take a post-bath nap (or a place for dog #2 to hang out while he waits his turn for shampoo-y bliss). Note that the floor appears to be either linoleum or tile – two more functional options for this type of space.

A hidden hideaway that would make any dog’s day. Image found on Houzz (Stanton Homes)

Yet another perk of the mudroom/laundry room concept for your pets is that the space can be used as a “hangout” for when you have guests over who may not share the same appreciation for our four-legged friends, or maybe when there’s just a little too much activity going on in the rest of the house and your pet needs some quiet time/space. In the photo above, a recessed “dog house” can be a perfect hideaway – throw in some pillows, blankets, or toys and your pooch may never want to leave!

An outdoor shower works well too! Image found on Houzz (Phil Kean Designs)

And if you don’t have the extra space in your home to be able to incorporate any of these ideas, no worries. You can take it outside! An outdoor shower is a perfect (and versatile) solution to limited indoor space – functional for both pets and their humans alike!


Interested in more ideas on how to include your four-legged family members into your home design plans? Call Camelot! Whether you’re looking to add a fresh space to your current home or are in the beginning stages of searching for a new or custom build, we would love to help.

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Dog-friendly laundry room space at our Gold Mountain Preserve model in Northwest Phoenix.

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