Plan Your Dream House with Barn Doors

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Building a new home is an exciting prospect for Camelot Homes home buyers. With so many options available, you can plan your dream house and choose from a variety of features to perfectly capture your individual taste and lifestyle.

plan your dream house

Among our favorite current trends is the use of sliding barn doors that provide options for privacy or an open entryway. Barn doors are a very popular design element that fits in particularly well with our Sonoran desert aesthetic. As opposed to a regular hinged door that swings open, an interior barn door is hung from a track installed above the door. The door slides open and closed while staying flush with the wall.

There are many reasons to consider using barn doors when you plan your dream house.

  1. Barn doors make a statement. Barn doors are by no means limited to rustic decor. They can be made from natural wood, painted wood or even tempered glass. There is also a wide range of hardware available. From sleek chrome to weathered iron, you’re sure to find the combination that best reflects your personal style.
  1. Barn doors are practical. If you want to separate two connected spaces in your home from time to time, barn doors work wonderfully. You can close off an entire room with just one door, then later slide the door open to achieve a more open-concept floorplan.
  1. Barn doors can save space. They’re particularly useful where you want to separate two interior spaces where there isn’t enough room for a swinging door, or where a swinging door would limit your design choices. All you need is enough wall space adjacent to the opening to accommodate the door when it’s open.
  1. Barn doors have many uses. You’ll see barn doors being used to close off closets in a master bedroom or to separate two living areas. They’re also used for things like “closing the door” on a home office for privacy or when you’re too tired to straighten up your desk when you stop work for the day.

At Camelot Homes, we’ve found many uses for barn doors that are both beautiful and functional.  For more information about how you can plan your dream house with a custom flair, contact us at Camelot Homes.