Quick And Easy Ideas For A Last Minute Spring Centerpiece

“The earth laughs in flowers.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Two words: Citrus and Floral. This stunning combination will do the the trick every time.

In our last blog we offered some tips and ideas for celebrating Easter in and around the Phoenix area, but in the event that you were late on making a reservation or better yet, have decided to spend Easter at home, here are some simple ways to make a splendid spring centerpiece with very little effort.

To create a dramatic and colorful spring centerpiece, place yellow tulips in a simple vase, and anchor the blooms with lime slices. If you have a long table, arrange a few of these down the center.

If you need a quick and easy brunch meal, it doesn’t get any easier than this Mushroom and Cheddar Fritatta and Arugula Side Salad recipe- click here

What it all comes down to in the end is being with the ones you love. If you can create a little beauty and some good food along the way, it makes the journey that much sweeter. Take it easy, enjoy your day and best wishes from all of us at Camelot Homes!