Secret Rooms in Custom New Home Construction

secret rooms in new home construction

Including a secret passage or hidden room in the overall design of a luxury home is an exciting new trend in custom new construction. Instead of a home office that is accessible to anyone who enters the residence, many homeowners are choosing to conceal the entrance to the room by way of a rotating bookcase or a secret panel. Others are incorporating remote controlled staircases that flip upward to expose a hidden, underground passageway. As the leader in custom new construction for the Valley, Camelot Homes creates homes to meet the needs of each home buyer.

The Hidden Vault

While a vault secretly located behind a painting or in the floorboards is the traditional option, many homeowners find these small home safes too small to store all of their valuable assets. They are also far too easy for burglars to locate. But a larger vault secretly hidden underneath a staircase is a location that most intruders would likely pass right by without a second glance. The space under the stairs is where we might install the vault, and we can disguise its location by building a series of “built-in” bookcases flush with the staircase. Only the homeowner knows that the secret room even exists.

The Secret Wine Cellar

For homeowners who also happen to be wine connoisseurs, storing your collection of rare, vintage and very expensive wines can be a challenge. Displaying the fragile bottles out in the open can lead to breakage, theft or accidental use by someone in the household. For luxury properties with small children, easy access to wine can even be a health and safety hazard. By hiding the entrance to your wine cellar under a staircase that “flips up,” you keep your collection secure and intact. Self-raising staircases also work well as secret passages to hidden home offices filled with important tax records, bank information and stock portfolios.

There are many reasons to include a secret passage in the design of your new home. As the leader in custom new construction for the Valley, Camelot Homes can help design secret passages to hidden steam rooms, home gyms and even expansive closets housing jewels and designer shoes. Only you know it’s there!