State-of-the-Art Sports Courts on Luxury Properties

Not all luxury properties are alike. From the home design and landscaping to the swimming pool, Camelot Homes helps future homeowners of high-end real estate to design and build visionary properties loaded with luxury amenities. And for fitness enthusiasts, perhaps no dream home is complete without a state-of-the-art sports court.

Whether your sport-of-choice is volleyball, basketball, badminton or roller hockey, no sports court is off limits. For parents of active teenagers, pickleball is the latest craze. Why not include an all-weather pickleball court in your own backyard? Anything is possible, as long as there is enough acreage.

Outdoor Pickleball Courts

This fascinating sport is an odd mixture of badminton, wiffle ball and table tennis. Pickleball involves using a racket to hit a specially perforated polymer ball over a net. While this may sound like a very strange form of athletic competition, kids love it! A pickleball court is roughly the size of a doubles badminton court. For current owners of luxury properties, converting an existing tennis court can take only a few hours.

Outdoor Tennis Courts

With today’s latest technology, newly constructed tennis courts can easily last for up to 30 years. They are weather-proof with excellent drainage systems that prevent hazardous water accumulation or puddling. And the design team from Camelot Homes will help you decide on all the details, from the style and brand of perimeter fencing to the high-tech lighting systems for nighttime match-play.

sports courts

Outdoor Multi-Game Courts

For families with active teenagers who participate in a wide range of sports, a high-tech multi-game court may be the perfect compromise. Designed with all-weather surfaces that radiate approximately 50 percent less heat than traditional basketball or tennis courts, the multi-game court allows owners of luxury properties to enjoy basketball, tennis, roller hockey, paddle tennis, shuffleboard, handball and yes, even pickleball.

Fitness and exercise are an important part of maintaining our physical, mental, and emotional health. While joining an area yoga studio or sports club is always a great deal of fun, having a private sports court in the backyard helps prevent “exercise procrastination.”