Swimming Pools Aren’t Just For Summer


Verandahs at Silverleaf

As we merge into Autumn, people around the country begin to turn their attention away from back-yard barbecues and pool parties, to focus on holidays and events more readily related to the fall. But that isn’t the case in Phoenix- here in Arizona, with temperatures still well over 90 degrees, we thought we would take a look at a new trend in swimming pools.

At Camelot Homes we continually seek out new innovations and cutting-edge features in the world of homebuilding and exterior landscaping and what we have seen in the past year is very exciting. Apart from the beauty that a masterfully built swimming pool can add to your landscape design, there are now pools which can be used as an integral part in a homeowner’s fitness routine. We all know the benefits that swimming has over other cardio based sports, but these days you can really up the ante with a pool designed to make your work-out even harder. The latest and greatest is the “Endless Pool” with a swim-in-place system. With today’s new technology you can have functionality and not compromise in the way of beauty.

Other choices with regard to swimming pools are more basic: salt water versus chlorine, with or without a water feature etc., but the design of the pool is a reflection of the architecture of the home. We take pride in having built many homes over the years with extraordinary swimming pools. Pools that are an extension of the home for which they are built.


 Verandahs by Camelot Homes

So whether your pool is serving a function by keeping you fit, or simply adding beauty to your back yard, remember to make the most of it all year long. It’s one of the many wonderful perks of life in Arizona…