The Chandelier – a deLIGHTful addition to your home

“There is one fundamental fact about lighting: where there is no light, there is no beauty.” – Billy Baldwin

One of the most dramatic, eye-catching ways to introduce said beauty into a room is with a chandelier. Considered by some to be “floating pieces of art” or “architectural jewelry,” chandeliers serve not only a functional purpose, but also serve as a design element that can create the right mood in any room of your home.

High-ceiling chandelier
Photo found on Houzz (Margaux Interiors, Photography by Claudia Uribe)

Here at Camelot Homes, we’re big fans of chandeliers. If you’ve had the opportunity to tour our communities, you’ll notice that we have multiple chandeliers in each of our model homes. From the simplicity of the piece in the entryway of our 55-22 model at Bocara in North Scottsdale to the playful elegance of the two chandeliers over the kitchen island in the 55-19 model, each fixture adds a special touch and helps define the atmosphere of the room.

Playful chandeliers at Bocara in North Scotsdale
We invite you to visit our 55-19 model at Bocara in North Scottsdale to view these playful chandeliers for yourself! Photo credit: Mark Boisclair Photography.

For those who may be hesitant to incorporate such a (potentially) large design element, the key is to find a chandelier that befits your home’s style and size and enhances your existing décor. Here are a few things to keep in mind when adding a chandelier to your home’s repertoire:

1) Think outside the dining room
Chandeliers in the dining room, living room, or foyer are gorgeous – don’t get us wrong. However, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Perhaps consider hanging one in your master bedroom, either in the center of the room or over the bed.

Chandelier at Gold Mountain in the Northwest Valley
A lovely, well-lit respite in our model at Gold Mountain Preserve in the Northwest Valley. Photo credit: Mark Boisclair Photography.

Or even in the bathroom. As you can see in the photo below, the chandelier adds a touch of elegance to an otherwise standard bathroom space.

Chandelier in the bathroom
Photo found on Houzz, (MLM Incorporated)

And if you’re feeling extra ambitious, how about adding a chandelier to your workout space? Yes, we said workout space! With its beautiful crown molding and crystal chandeliers, this room is the epitome of casual elegance.

Chandelier in home gym
Photo found on

2) Don’t rely on the chandelier as your primary light source
Layer your light sources to bring enough light into the room. If you don’t have recessed can lighting in the room, consider adding some floor lamps, table lamps, or sconces. If you have a large space with a chandelier in the center, wall sconces are a good option for lighting the perimeter. Floor lamps, table lamps, and/or pendant lighting work well to illuminate specific areas and can also serve as decorative elements to complement to your chandelier.

The Villas at DC Ranch in Scottsdale, Arizona
The living room area at our Villas at DC Ranch community in North Scottsdale – replete with an oversized chandelier, recessed lighting, table lamp, and candlelight. Photo credit: Mark Boisclair Photography.

3) Match metals
Try to stick with one metal family. If you have silver curtain rods, pick nickel or pewter for your chandelier. If you have bronze or gold-trimmed elements in your home, opt for a shiny brass chandelier.

4) Don’t limit yourself to just one
If you have a large room, don’t hesitate to use more than one chandelier. As you can see in the photo below, we were able to take advantage of the space by installing two oversized chandeliers in the great room in our Gold Mountain Preserve model.

Double chandeliers at Gold Mountain Preserve in Northwest Phoenix
Photo credit: Mark Boisclair Photography

Or if you have a large element beneath the chandelier, such as a long table or a large island, more than one fixture may be warranted. In the photo below, an extra-long table pairs beautifully with 5 hanging chandeliers.

An extra-long table warrants multiple chandeliers.
An extra-long table warrants multiple chandeliers. Photo courtesy of

5) Install dimmer switches on each chandelier in your home
They’re perfect for creating ambiance and providing more flattering light.

We wish you the best of luck in your search for the perfect chandelier. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like additional information – we would love to help!


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