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So, our model home at Camelot Reserve is ready for viewing: the landscape is beautiful, the finish work is completed and every corner of the home is impeccably decorated down to the table settings. The grand unveiling has occurred, and now it’s time to let our future homebuyers walk through it and have a look. But what is it that Camelot Homes tries to accomplish when building and decorating a model luxury home? There is without question the possibility that someone will come through and want to purchase it fully furnished with all the bells and whistles, but that usually isn’t the case. Typically people buy a home and bring their own furniture, art and memories from previous homes with them. So why do we go to such great lengths to make our model homes memorable?


Well for starters, we want the home to be shown in all of it’s potential. Whether a buyer wants their home to be a magnificent showplace, or have a lived-in, “family home” look to it, we are giving future owners inspiration on ways to make it spectacular. With Camelot Homes’ design center, homebuyers are able to choose some of the design options, but more than that our models give potential buyers ideas for furniture and art placement and a general idea of what the home will feel like when it’s being lived in.


Next, it should come as no surprise that at Camelot we want our models to stand out in the memory of the homebuyer. We take great pride in the fact that many of our current Camelot owners are on their second or even third Camelot Home, but for people who are unfamiliar with our reputation and philosophy we would like our models to stand out. After days and weeks spent on the arduous quest of finding a new home, people can forget which house was which. This probably won’t happen after you have seen one of our models. Our homes will stand out in the memory of even the most weary shopper, of this we are certain.


There are so many reasons why people would want to call Camelot Reserve their home, from the outstanding location, to the layout, all the way down to the detail on our mailboxes (an idea inspired by travel abroad). It is our intention to tempt you with rich landscaping and architectural beauty cultivated from years of creating and building some of the finest neighborhoods in Arizona.

Come and have a look. You won’t forget it!


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Camelot Reserve is located south of McDonald off 78th Street and San Miguel and is adjacent to the AZ Canal.