The Modern Outdoor Shower

April showers may bring May flowers, but outdoor showers bring sheer bliss…year-round.

More than just a place to clean up the kids after soccer practice, to rinse away the grime after a morning spent in the garden, or to hose down your 4-legged friend who was “helping” in the garden, the modern outdoor shower has evolved into a veritable oasis.

Outdoor Shower in the Southewest
Stone accents and greenery add a nice touch. Design by Luz Marina Selles, photo by Mike Small Photography

For those who may see the experience as simply taking a shower outdoors, you are about to be enlightened. Alfresco bathing is not just practical – it’s nothing short of luxurious. Depending on your location, birds may be chirping, you may hear a nearby ocean or river, you may have a stunning view of nearby mountains, or any other number of lovely sensory experiences. If you don’t happen to be in proximity of any of these natural luxuries, maybe it’s just the simple indulgence of being outdoors, taking advantage of a few moments to yourself, close to home but far away at the same time.

Lovely stone outdoor shower
Lovely outdoor oasis – who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by such beauty? Photo credit: Bill Faulkner Studios.

Here in the Phoenix area, we admittedly spend a significant amount of time indoors. However, as you can see in the photo below from our model at Gold Mountain Preserve, outdoor showers enable us to take a break from the searing heat and enjoy a refreshing splash of paradise in the summer months. For those who live in cooler temperatures, a crisp outdoor shower can be incredibly invigorating, and for those who may live in rainy climates, what better way to commune with nature than to immerse yourself in it completely?

Gold Mtn Model Shower
Outdoor heaven at the Gold Mountain Preserve model. Photo courtesy: Mark Boisclair Photography

While some outdoor showers may be intended to rinse off post-swim or to hose down the kids after an afternoon of flag football, the most luxurious are seamlessly incorporated as an extension of your home. Whether installed just outside the bedroom or bath, or any other easy-access location, the outdoor shower serves as the ideal setting to inspire calm, comfort, and rejuvenation.

Outdoor bliss
It’s difficult to tell where indoor ends and outdoor begins! Design by John K Anderson Design.

The universal truth of any outdoor shower is that it beckons you outside. And what better place to wash off a hectic day at the office or to simply be one with nature? We encourage you to give one a try – we’re sure you’ll fall in love and never want to leave.

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