The Warm Glow Of Interior Lighting

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Camelot Pool
Camelot Pool

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Life in Scottsdale during the summer months is a beautiful thing if you love the heat. There is something wonderful about dry, desert heat and its healing properties when tempered with swimming pools, air-conditioning and cold beverages. For those of us committed to exercising outdoors, it is generally done during the early morning hours or at dusk. Sunset walks in a Camelot neighborhood are filled with a sense of romance. The desert sky becomes dim and the homes are are alive with the warm glow of interior lighting. What’s going on behind those windows? Family dinners, summertime projects with the children or simply a night of catching up on favorite television shows? It evokes a sense of wonder as you meander by.

Camelot Custom Home- Verandah at Silverleaf

Camelot Custom Home- Verandah at Silverleaf

Inside the home, the lighting is the jewelry, really. A stunning light fixture will accessorize and bring a room to life in the most beautiful way possible. Even if the rest of the room is done with comfort and functionality in mind, you can go all out on lighting. Get a little crazy, even!

Bocara Model Home
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Channeling a Parisian flea market find, the vintage-inspired chandeliers in our Bocara model are made with spoons, knifes and forks

As one of the premier home builders in Arizona, we have the opportunity to explore the most extraordinary options in lighting when we design our model homes. We always have the most up-to-the-minute light fixtures available through our design center, one of the perks of being a luxury home builder!

Custom Living Room
Bocara Living Room

The living room at Bocara

A Camelot home truly grows better with each passing year, this we know for certain. The landscaping matures as does the neighborhood. You find the perfect piece of furniture for every corner of the house and the home becomes an integral part of your life- your sanctuary. But if you want to shake things up, nothing does the trick like new lighting, the jewelry of the home…